Wondering how others have responded to neurofeedback? The feedback below is from former or current clients who sought out neurofeedback for a better life. Dr. Ashley Wiegand has seen clients for a variety of concerns including ADD/ADHD, anxiety, PTSD/traumatic stress, sleep problems, stress, depression, and more.


Parent feedback below was given 2.5 months after her child ended neurofeedback therapy and they moved to another state. Before beginning treatment, her child was highly anxious and fearful about most activities including doctor's appointments, new extracurricular activities, and sleeping in her own room. The 8 year old child also would often refuse to go to things without her mother present at all times.



Hi Dr. Wiegand, I wanted to give you an update on my daughter. She’s been doing amazing! She has been in her room alone and sleeping alone in a much larger house here since our move. And, she even had spacers put in at a new ortho last week.  She was expressing nerves and fear, and we talked through it. She was confident and ready and did amazing!! I feel like she has such great confidence and is trying new things like surfing, horseback riding, etc!!  

- Parent of 8 y.o. client
Presenting concerns: anxiety, separation fears, low confidence  

I originally sought out Neurofeedback because I was desperate for help.  I did not know what to do, I felt hopeless and stuck.  I was in talk therapy, was seeing a psychiatrist but needed additional help to move forward. I struggled with severe anxiety, ADD, OCD,  headaches, recovered memories, and suffered through multiple flashbacks a day.  I was only getting three or four hours of sleep a night because I had endless flashbacks when my eyes were closed. The anxiety from the flashbacks and limited sleep made it difficult to make basic decisions for myself. 


I was afraid of this newly recommended therapy that was suggested to me by my counselor.  I was concerned about having my brainwaves measured. The idea of this made me feel vulnerable. I was fearful that Neurofeedback would trigger more flashbacks and make my symptoms worse. I contacted Dr. Ashley Wiegand to find out what to expect with Neurofeedback.  She told me there was no pain involved, and I did not have to tell her of my past trauma. I was a survivor of extreme mental, physical and sexual abuse. The thought of having to talk specifically about these horrendous events seemed paralyzing. Dr. Wiegand told me that I only had to sit and follow basic directions after she placed a few sensors on my head and ears. This sounded too good to be true.  Dr. Wiegand thought that Neurofeedback could decrease my symptoms, however she informed me each client responds differently. She was upfront about pricing, what to expect, and an estimated time frame of possible outcomes. 


Neurofeedback is not cheap and required me to trust the data. I had to financially invest in my mental and emotional progress. It has been worth the time and financial commitment.  My anxiety is now minimal. I can effectively focus on a given task, and I can close my eyes without having flashbacks.  I am sleeping through the night. I feel more confident, relaxed and peaceful. 


I have also incorporated meditating, a diet free of refined sugar, and minimal caffeine into my daily routine.


I would make the decision again to try Neurofeedback. The outcome has been better than I could have ever imagined.  Neurofeedback has changed my life. 




- Client B.A., 45
Presenting concerns: PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD

*Our testimonials are anonymous to protect the privacy of our clients. 

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