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Neurofeedback St. Louis Brain Therapy

We provide neurofeedback in the St. Louis area. Neurofeedback is an advanced form of Neuro-Cognitive behavioral training that can help improve brain function. Neurofeedback is also called EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy. Research has shown neurofeedback to help with common concerns like anxiety/PTSD, depression, stress, and ADHD. 

Biofeedback St. Louis therapy for stress and anxiety

We provide biofeedback treatment in the St. Louis area. Biofeedback can calm the body as well as the mind. Biofeedback involves training your physiology or intenal state such as heart rate to improve well-being. This technique can regulate stress patterns in our bodies providing increased relaxation, reduced anxiety, improved performance, enhanced focus, and better sleep. 

qEEG report about ADHD St. Louis
Brain Map Evaluation

We provide Brain map evaluations in the St. Louis area. The Brain map evaluation (specifically called a qEEG) is a comprehensive assessment of overall brainwave (EEG) functioning. The Brain map or qEEG report provides information on your brain functioning including potential areas of concern. This analysis is useful in detecting brainwave bio-markers related to common concerns like anxiety/PTSD, ADHD, and depression. 

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